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Nearly 50 years after Woodstock, young people pay big bucks to attend any of the popular music festivals presented annually across the United States. Global sponsors pay musicians and producers top dollar to play in front of, and shine spotlights on, their corporate logos.

The next two pages that you’ll visit on this site explain the founding of the country's first artist's colony and the fledgling festivals of the sixties respectively. The first two "pop festivals" were presented as benefits, financed by individuals at existing facilities with basic conveniences. Over the next few years numerous attempts were made to tap the apparent profit potential with varying degrees of success. Without sponsorship, without computers, without fax machines or cell phones, without a ticket booth an entrance gate or bottled water, the Woodstock Festival rose in a remote farmer's field, from the ground up, as the newly established counterculture gained its footing. The incomprehensible number of attendees overwhelmed the producers' capabilities and in an unprecedented display of benevolence the authorities, rather than enforce the law, provided sustenance and a semblance of order. Across four websites (at the bottom of every page) this remarkable display of synchronicity called "Woodstock" is revisited through personal reminiscences, exclusive memorabilia and official documents that were destined for the landfill.

Woodstock Poster